Ice Cream Barbie Shop

by Black Tarzan

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If you love barbies and you love pop then cum fall in love with Black Tarzan's Ice Cream Barbie Shop *(^.~)*


released May 1, 2012

||| Ice Cream Barbie Shop |||
Album Mixed by Outlawed Beats (
Written & Directed by Black Tarzan

Dynasty Music Entertainment | 2012



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


DME Tallahassee, Florida

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Track Name: Muff Narcotics (Your Muff Is My Drug)

Dick Man He-Man //\\ YeaaaH


Maybe I need some rehab / Or maybe just need some sleep
I got a sick obsession / You creamin in my dreams
Roll over. Breakfast in bed / I'm so hung over-over
But I'm ready for another romp-romp
You can thank my morning Boner

What you got Barbie it's all mine
I think about it all the time
I'm all strung out / You ate my heart that night
I just can't get you off my mind


Because --> Your Muff (x3) Is My Drug...
Your Muff (x3) Is My Drug...

{verse 2}

Won't listen to any advice / Yum~yummi that pussy so nice
Better left to my own dick-vices / I'm addicted! Barbie crisis!
So spread yo thighs baby / And let me take a whiff
Your tummy yummy sexy
Ice cream lick then-a ice cream dip




I don't care what people say
The rush is worth the price I pay
I get so high when you're with me
But crash and crave you when you leave

Hey Barbie, I got a question
Wanna have a slumber party in my basement?
Do I make your heart beat like an 808 drum?
Is my love...your drug?
My love your drug / Is my love...your drug?
Your drug? Your drug? Drug

Barbie Barbie yeaah



Your muffin...
Your lovely muffin baby...
Your muffin baby...

[written by Black Tarzan]
"Muff Narcotics" based on "Your Love Is My Drug" by Ke$ha.
Track Name: Super Barbie Team

Is you the Barbie doll with the big ole butt?
All that pussy in them lil ole shorts?
Bet pops woulda said you a brickhouse
I say take it all off in the penthouse
Skip games on the front end
We can have Olympics when I'm bakin 2 muffins
Powerpuff BFF pussy so scrumptious
Tag team Barbie love gimme pussy munchies

Bomb...That pussy the bomb like Hiroshima
Make it even better cuz I got 2 screamers
One got glasses / Bitch say JINKIES!
Both got pom-poms and they got mouf
Pussy like uh! Back like BLAO!
Both them wet / Both them loco
Got Barbie tats like logos


1-2-3 I'ma fuck her make her scream
She gone wanna be my Queen on my Super Barbie Team
Countin 1-2-3 Not only you & me
Make another pussy cream while I'm caught in between

{verse 2}

Barbie go clap-clap / Barbie go "wowww"
Barbie Hello Kitty when the dick come out
All pink smiles / Pussy lips say hello
Double set of pussy lips / O's gone echo
O's gone echo / Whip cream special
Double scoop-a ice cream Barbie in the bedroom
Bring a lens in the bedroom / Barbie HD broadcast my sexgroove

Bomb...That pussy the bomb like Hiroshima
Got-a attitude and-a ass like Gina
Make a bitch squirt like Barbie got sprinklers / She squirt! in???
Barbieeee... Lick her pussy Barbie Barbie ohh



Super Barbie (x2)
Super Barbie Girl (x4)
Super Barbie
Super Barbie Girrrrrrrrrl

Go Team!


[written by Black Tarzan]
"Super Barbie Team" based on the hit single "3" by Britney Spears.
Track Name: Smash It Tonight (ft. Fleetwood)

Black Tarzan x Fleetwood


Dick you down baby (x2)
Dive that, Flip that / Knee deep all up in that
Dick you down baby (x2)
Smash that thang yeah / Smash that
I'ma smash it tonight (repeat)...

{verse:Black Tarzan}

Show up on my doorstep with your best lace on
All white fur coat & long black gloves on
Long black lashes / Glamour mascara
So retro doll, so Hollywood, so Roaring 20s era
So F. Scott Fitzgerald / So party, drink, and bed her
If you believe in fairytales then be my Cinderella
Body like-a hourglass / Stripper heels made-a glass
Wet lips, "fuck me" eyes / Bally calves, major ass

Cuz I'm me, she fiend-fiend
Gotta have this I'm so fantasy
She cream-cream and I didn't even touch her yet, just tease-tease
Magic tricks / Caress the air around her and her knees weak
Wes Craven flick bitch / You fenna be my Scream queen

Fresh wax job... spread lets see the view
I put the stank on that pussy just call me Pepe Le Pew
Drinkin Hypnotic && Hennessey / Yeah I'm so incredible
Yeah I got that pussy on smash and I just barely stroked



Firm grabs and soft kisses on ya body frame...
Girl you a Benz and I'm just fuelin your internal flame
Roleplay / You a princess lookin for a King
And I'm mandingo with my spear to slay a Queen
Never had experiences with a wet dream
Until I met you / Now every morning my bed's a spring
Girl you sweeter than a Pixie stick
Bout to make me diabetic / Girl I swear it, you the shittt

Got me cravin like I'm 6 months
Got a boat rolled for me / She don't even smoke blunts
Know that shit comes up so I could cancel any second
But she never immature / Just accepts it & respects it
So her money always straight / She ain't even gotta ask me
Plus she make her own so now we both be stuntin nasty
I aint got a main but she the closest thing to it
Might discuss a life together but right now I'm runnin thru it
So I'ma... ((dick you down baby))


[written by Black Tarzan & Fleetwood]
Track Name: Barbie Barbie All Night
Music is my 1st love
Barbie was my 1st bitch

All Night! All Night orgies with the both'a dem
I don't need no mo than this-
My love is my obsession / I'm the King of Barbieville
My Tarzan legend make me Oprah rich

Rave monster GiGi get me fang love, fang love
Rave clubs dirty on the floooo
Flicker rave love!
Electro moans set the tone
The way you .......
I can't help touchin myself
Crank the bass upppppp ...........

I can't help touchin myself
Crank the bass uppppp !
Flicker rave love
I can't help touchin myself
Crank the bass upppppp

Imagine little black boy with a barbie fetish
Just wanna be her BFF but won't nobody let him
No playdates and no Dream House
And no pink barbie Corvette
It only deepened the obsession in my castles & princesses