America The Hideous

by Black Tarzan

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Dynasty Music Entertainment (DME)


released September 11, 2011

Black Tarzan

*Album Mixed by Outlawed Beats* (


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DME Tallahassee, Florida

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Track Name: In Dollar$ We Trust [ft. Fleetwood]

Verse1 (Black Tarzan)

America be sellin dreams
Trap niggas sellin dope
I ain't buyin lies...America is sellin tho
If you got a pregnant hoe, Dreams ain't gone feed that baby
All the corporate doors closed to the niggas wit records tho
Damn. Can I feed my kids?
Damn! Can I eat bitch?
I don't want no welfare and I don't want no cheap shit
I wanna live that luxury life like I see on my TV
Keepin up with the Kardashians cuz they grass seem so green


In America its bout the money
Its about the money
You can buy your freedom
If you got the money
If you ain't got the money
Ok bye bye honey
You get nada nothing
Its all about the money

In dollars(x2) we trust
Bowin down to them bucks
cuz in dollars(x2) we trust
In dollars(x2) we trust
If you ain't got none you fucked
This country don't know God bitch
In dollars(x2) we trust
In America...

[Verse 2](Black Tarzan)

Money runnin everything it ain't no way around it
You can act like money don't exist but that ain't true in my world
Its them bucks, bucks, bucks
Nothin else matter if you don't got bucks
Ain't nobody worried bout the person you is
If you ain't rich then you ain't shit

If you ain't rich then you can't do shit
Gotta have dollars if you really wanna live
Bih that's real. Shit that's real shit
Wishin don't get you to Saint Tropez
Niggas don't really go to St. Tropez
They local, but Diddy go to St. Tropez
That's money at work, stuntin at work
Barbie secretaries dick huntin at work

Nigga I'm so fed up shit I'm bout to get my pirate on
Rob from the rich, give to the poor
Errbody crank that Robin Hood
Money, money, money, GREED--
That's all we gots to know
They don't give a fuck bout cha ass when ya broke
So I'm livin glamour like Gastineaus


[Verse 3](Fleetwood)

See they ain't make black cards for the black man or the black Benz
So I back in to they spot on they block, see they face drop cuz I win
Over all the obstacles, I wasn't supposed to
Expected failure motherfucker I showed you
How a concrete slab and Rolls do
Now I'm in a Rolls everytime I roll thru

Pardon me. Young black male runnin everything in the yacht club
Toast to the life, put ya shots up
Like a magazine they wanna shot us
Really only mad cuz they not us
They ain't even want us to be equal
So consider this revenge for my people
A young Don in this game >> Cheadle

Spit sharp as needles, I'm lethal
These crackas is evil, cathedral
Oh I'm wrong? I'll kill that noise
Just as soon as the priests stop touchin the boys
Spit sharp as needles, I'm lethal
These crackas is evil, cathedral
Oh I'm wrong? I'll kill that noise
Just as soon as the priests stop touchin the boys.

Track Name: 911 Terror


Policia patrolling the neighborhood
Not to serve & protect in the name of good
Abuse of power / terrorizing the people
With the law on their side, terror legal

What do you do when you automatically wrong
And when yo rights is all tragically gone
They only took em cuz you let em
Not you're at the mercy of 911 Terror

911 / 911
911 / 911
911 Terror, Terror
911 Terror, Terror


September 11, 2001
Hijackers allegedly fought the U.S. and won
They had permission to fly through U.S. airspace
Cuz any other day our skies are airsafe

Bush got the memo so they already knew
Consent from Washington, they already approved
The instrument to implement government measures
Innocent lives lost to 911 Terror


Don't believe everything that your leaders say
Cuz there's a motive behind what your leaders say
And if that motive ain't to keep you safe
Then trust them at your peril, cuz here comes terror

::instrumental BREAK::